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Packsack Just Launched a New Website

Packsack Canoe Trips Ely MN

We’re also pleased to announce that we have just launched a new website! While the older format served us very well for several years, Nick and Danielle wanted to expand on several features and can build new elements as quickly as possible.

For example, the new site is 100% “responsive” – meaning it works perfectly across smartphones and tablets. The new website will also offer a weekly fishing report (Nick’s promise), a section for news/updates and a unique area (under About Us) for “Tips & Stories.” We hear incredible stories from our guests and even are present for a few of them, so we wanted a location where we could share stories that are interesting or educational. Occasionally too, we hope to use this space to provide educational posts that help our guests ensure a great BWCA experience for their group and others they encounter.

Most importantly, our guests regularly share GREAT photos and we want to share more of them than we previously have been able. Our photo galleries are now very scalable.

We hope you take a look around the new site and enjoy the new features and refreshed content.

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