MN Boundary Waters Towing Services

Our BWCA campers absolutely LOVE that we offer this service. With advance notice, and some planning, we can tow you and your group up to the edge of the motorized zone on Basswood Lake, or arrange for similar on area lakes. Not every camper wants to paddle through any area busy with boats and fishermen. Instead, they want to get up to their destination lake(s) as soon as possible and bypass any boating congestion, or areas that may be a bit noisy. We make the process simple. Actually, a tow is quite the adventure and you’ll play an active role in ensuring you get to the edge of the motorized zone as early as is possible. Imagine the process we go through to portage our motorized boats with your canoes in tow and all your gear loaded into the boat. It’s very efficient, but your participation is paramount to a smooth portage in the MN Boundary Waters.

Please Note: For paddling clients taking boat and motor tows into Newton Lake and Pipestone Bay, please keep in mind this is a non-mechanical portage, we have to portage the boat manually. Because of this reason, we ask that each group keep their pack sizes to a maximum of 100lbs per person (excluding canoe). We ask that you keep items like fresh water (excluding personal Nalgene bottles), anchors, heavy camp chairs (excluding canoe seats), and trolling motors with batteries behind while taking tows. Kegs of beer are not allowed on tows. Not complying with the above will result in an access load fee or refusal of service.


 For overnight motor clients asking for help portaging your boat, please keep in mind this is not a mechanical portage. The boats have to be portaged manually. For this reason, we ask that you use boats and motors that are meant to be portaged. Boats with fiberglass hulls and carpet are not meant to be manually portaged. We also ask that your loads be reasonable. We will not portage fresh water and trolling motors with numerous batteries. Failure to comply with the above will result in an access load fee.

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