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Nonprofit Outfitting- Carrying On The Tradition Of Service

At Packsack Canoe Trips, we have been providing nonprofit trekkers outstanding service for the past 19 years. We truly believe that nonprofit groups are one of the best ways to introduce the Boundary Waters to today’s youth. Because we were once a scouting family, we have the knowledge and experience to better serve your group, plus we make extra efforts to ensure your every question is answered. We understand the challenges that it takes to get our youth involved in the outdoors, that's why we are committed to offering your nonprofit group special rates and the same great service to ensure your group's success on the forest floor. Whether it’s the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Groups, Inner City youth, or many of the adult nonprofit groups, we are here for you from the initial planning up until you dip your paddles into our pristine waters.

One question that we ask every group we outfit is “What are your Abilities and Desires?” We will ask your group what it is you want to accomplish on your trip. Your group may want to do a lot of fishing or want to see lots of countryside or do both. We match your desires and abilities with an entry point that will offer your group a memorable trip.  Remember, you are here to have fun and enjoy the wilderness. Many of the entry points offer different challenges at different times of the year, which explains the concept (you never know what is around the next corner!).


Because nonprofit groups do take more initial planning, we suggest you begin planning early. Call or email us today to find out how we can help get your youth into the woods!

Includes choice of Grumman Lightweight Canoe or Kevlar Canoe by Wenonah or Bell Northstar, carrying yoke & paddles, vest type life jacket, Eureka nylon tents with sewn in floors & netting, full length Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad, fresh laundered Slumberjack sleeping bag, nylon packsacks, gas stove, fire grate (for Quetico trips), campfire starters, rain tarp, Mirro cook kit & eating gear, axe, saw, MSR Water Purification, First Aid Kit, complete food provisions, free shower & bunkhouse lodging before & after trip, trip planning & maps (one set of series F maps per party) & free transportation to most starting points. Complimentary Continental Breakfast is included.



Our Nonprofit complete outfitting package includes:



  • Discount applies to Completely Outfitted groups of 8 or more

  • For Non-Profit Groups Tax I.D. No. Required  

 2024 Nonprofit Rates:

2024 Nonprofit Complete Outfitting Rates Per Person With Aluminum Canoes

Rates are per person per day

  • For every 7 people with complete outfitting,the next one goes FREE.

  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast.

  • Deposit…………$50.00 per person for groups with complete outfitting.

2024 Nonprofit Complete Outfitting Rates Per Person with Kevlar Canoes



  • Deduct $1.00 per person per day if you provide your own sleeping bag.

  • Deduct $1.50 per person per day if you provide your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. (Maximum deduction for groups on complete outfitting).

  • 5% Discount for returning groups.

We recognize all nonprofit groups; Boy and Girl Scouts, any Youth Organization and any Religious Body to Packsack's superb outfitting and pricing.

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