Packsack –  Boundary Waters Outfitters, Western Region


Located on Fall Lake, just northeast of Ely in historic Winton, Minnesota, Packsack Canoe Trips offers both partial and complete Boundary Waters outfitters support for wilderness trekkers with or without experience, with any services or equipment you might need. Because we are located nearest to Ely, we only serve BWCA and Quetico trekkers that wish to enter or depart from the western entry points of this million-acre wilderness.



Boundary Waters Walleye
Boundary Waters Walleye

BWCA Walleye fishing from a Canoe

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BWCA Portage
BWCA Portage

Portaging a Canoe in the BWCA

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Friends Enjoying a Campfire
Friends Enjoying a Campfire

Friends Enjoying Breakfast around a BWCA campfire.

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In Canoes Reading Maps Blank photo
In Canoes Reading Maps Blank photo

BWCA trekkers deciding the next move.

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Shore Lunch
Shore Lunch

Shore Lunch in the BWCA

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The Journey
The Journey

BWCA paddlers enjoying the adventure on a beautiful day.

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Initial Planning through to the Experience of a Lifetime

If you have a plan and only seek a pre-trip stay in our bunkhouse with some equipment rental and transport services to your entry point, we can help you. However, if you need more consultative support, Packsack, Boundary Waters outfitters, are here to help.


  • Guidance and help choosing an entry point based on skill and trip objective

  • Guidance and help getting licenses and entry point permits

  • Gear/equipment list planning

  • Rental services for canoes, canoe-appropriate backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, camp stoves and cooking gear

  • Planned and packed meals and snacks (we get lots of compliments!)

  • Historic lakeside bunkhouse (part of our lodge) for overnight stays pre-BWCA or post-BWCA with bathrooms and showers

  • Transport to your entry point and pick-up at your scheduled BWCA exit day

  • Tow services up to the very edge of the motorized zone

  • Guidance and service for all not for profit organizations

  • Guidance and suggestion for those wanting to take children or those with limited physical ability

  • Gentle education of BWCA camper courtesies – respect for the wilderness and other campers

  • Safety consulting

  • Enthusiasm for your group – before and after your trip

  • Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement

Packsack, Boundary Waters outfitters to non-profit groups.
BWCA bever dam, Fishing in the BWCA, Ely Minnesota
Otters in the BWCA, reat wildlife in the BWCA
Your Gateway to Memories

We truly see ourselves as a “gateway” to some of the best memories you’ll have of the wilderness. These are memories you’ll return to in the dark days of a cold winter, when you see a painting of a natural place. We’re here to guide you toward memories you’re likely to cherish forever and upon which you’ll reflect fondly whenever you see someone wearing a BWCA t-shirt.

BWCA sunset, Canoe Ely Minnesota
Beauty Around Every Bend

Our guests often become dear friends, Facebook followers and folks with stories and photos they wish to share again and again. We love hearing stories and getting pictures from our guests – the beauty of this place never grows old.

At PackSack Canoe Trips, Boundary Waters Outfitters, we have been providing non-profit trekkers outstanding service for the past 17 years. Because we were once a scouting family, we understand the work that's involved with planning a high adventure trip. That's why we offer special rates for all non-profit organizations, plus we make extra efforts to ensure your every question is answered.

2021 Non-Profit Rates

Rates are per person per day

  • For every 7 people with complete outfitting,the next one goes FREE.

  • For Kevlar add an extra $8.00 per person per day. 

  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast.

  • Deposit…………$50.00 per person for groups with complete outfitting.



  • Deduct $1.00 per person per day if you provide your own sleeping bag.

  • Deduct $1.50 per person per day if you provide your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. (Maximum deduction for groups on complete outfitting).

  • 5% Discount for returning groups.

Packsack Canoe Trips, Boundary Waters outfitters to the western BWCA

Training Video: Orientation for BWCA Outfitted Groups

For those guests that are either considering complete vs. partial outfitting, or have an outfitted trip scheduled with Packsack, we have built an orientation video for you to watch. This video is about 15 minutes long, and is the same orientation when your group arrives onsite – no matter if you have already watched the video. The content of this orientation has been carefully put together over 20 years to help your group be comfortable with the equipment we provide and how each item functions. For some members of your group, this will be reassuring and for others, it will be highly educational, depending on their overall experience. We promise to build and make available several of the most helpful training videos offered by any Boundary Waters outfitters.


Click Here  to watch our BWCA Outfitted Trip Orientation Video.

PackSack Canoe Trip Fly-In Service

We will shuttle you to CraneLake where you will be picked up and flown into a remote Canadian lake and paddle back or be flown back. Lakes available for fly-in trips are Lac La Croix (Hilly Is.), Three Mile, Beaverhouse Lake, Nym Lake, Clay Lake, and Cache Bay.

All trips include Complete Deluxe Lightweight Outfitting and Air Transportation. Please call (1-218-365-3788) for these special rates.