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 Partial Boundary Waters Camping Outfitting – Gear as Required

Boundary Waters camping

Not every adventurer wishing to experience the BWCA has all the gear, equipment or time to prepare for all items necessary to a successful camping adventure. Quite honestly, we’re prepared to solve for anything you might require for your Boundary Waters Camping adventure. Even last-minute, “Oh, I forgot” items.

Fall Lake Minnesota, BWCA, Canoeing in the BWCA, Partial Outfitting

Even for partial outfitting trips, we believe it will be helpful for you to consider the following list before we have our first dialogue about your Boundary Waters camping adventure:

  • How many will be in your group (BWCA requirements allow groups no larger than nine per permit, groups larger will need multiple permits).

  • What is your preferred entry date and exit date?

  • Do you wish to overnight in our bunkhouse before your entry date or after your exit date?

  • How many canoes will you need? How many backpacks? Sleeping bags? Sleeping pads?

  • Is it imperative that you have a satellite phone in your possession?

  • How many in your group are quite inexperienced? ( we provide a complete orientation of gear and routes before departure).

  • Do you want Packsack to prepare any meals or snacks?

  • Will, you secure your permit or do you want us to do?

  • What is your first-choice entry point?

  • What are your second, third and fourth choice entry points?

  • Do you expect to require any other gear, equipment?

  • Have you considered which, if any, members of your group have allergies (food, insect stings, etc.)?

  • Will you need the cook stove, fuel or any food prep utensils?


Other things to consider as you prepare your group for the Boundary Waters Camping adventure that awaits them:

  • Are all your members familiar with portaging etiquette?

  • Do any members of your group have any physical limitations?

  • s your team prepared to understand and respect the Leave No Trace Rules in order to protect the peace and serenity of this unique place?

  • Do a few members of your team have a basic comprehension or wilderness first aid, wilderness survival skills or even starting a fire using natural materials?

  • Have you made sure your team is familiar with BWCA laws and rules about what can be taken in and what cannot (i.e. cans, glass, etc.)? Leaving each campsite cleaner than you found it (taking out the garbage of others)?


Even our partial outfitting trips can take away some of the headaches, but it should not be used as an excuse to free campers from personal responsibility or accountability for their actions. As a group leader, it is your responsibility to make sure all members are completely prepared. Be sure to prepare them before you arrive in Ely.

Packsack's Boundary Waters Camping Rental Rates

All prices are per day


  • All prices are per calendar day (unless specified otherwise)

  • Minnesota State sales tax is 7.375%

  • No refunds for early returns

  • we accept cash, check and all major credit  cards

  • A 3.5% service fee will be applied for all credit card transactions

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