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Additional Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Services

One of the best reasons to choose Packsack for your Boundary Waters canoe trip is that we have years of experience and have thought of everything you might need. We’re prepared – especially when you may not have thought of all the details.

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip towing services.

Towing Services

Our BWCA campers absolutely LOVE that we offer this service. With advance notice and some planning, we can tow you and your group up to the edge of the motorized zone on Basswood Lake, or arrange for similar on area lakes. Not every Boundary Waters canoe trip camper wants to paddle through an area busy with boats and fishermen. Instead, they want to get up to their destination lake(s) as soon as possible and bypass any boating congestion, or areas that may be a bit noisy. We make the process simple. Actually, a tow is quite the adventure and you’ll play an active role in ensuring you get to the edge of the motorized zone as early as is possible. Imagine the process we go through to portage our motorized boats with your canoes in tow and all your gear loaded into the boat. It’s very efficient, but your participation is paramount to a smooth portage.


For 2024 rates, check out our towing services page.

Entry Point Transport

Not entering at Fall Lake? No problem. We have vans and trailers that we use to transport you and your group to your designated entry point. And, we’ll also arrange to pick you up upon your exit from the BWCA. We may even bring some ice cold soft drinks when you’re picked up – your first taste of civilization once you’ve completed your Boundary Waters canoe trip. This service is free for all complete outfitting packages.

For 2024 rates, click here.

Boundary Waters Canoe trip trransport services.
BWCA Bunkhouse rental, Partial Outfitting

Lakeside Bunkhouse

Want to get some rest before or after your Boundary Waters canoe trip? Our bunkhouse has three large rooms. But, we will often section off the largest room with dividers to offer privacy. If you’re a light sleeper, be sure to bring earplugs so you aren’t kept awake by those that snore. The bunkhouse is on the second floor of our lodge, while bathrooms and showers are on the first floor. Here’s your chance to get a good night’s rest, and/or an early start to your adventure the following morning. Even coffee will be brewed and waiting for early risers. Bunkhouse rates are very reasonable and a good deal for those that want to be at the edge of the wilderness, as opposed to a cramped motel room in town.


Not staying in the bunkhouse but still need a shower? We do offer showers for a small fee, but it’s free when you’re completely outfitted or rent a canoe!

Lodge Store

We have a small store in our lodge that has Packsack-branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, some fishing equipment and even a modest number of camping items that can often be forgotten. Be sure to ask Gene about the full-body grizzly bear mounted in the store. This beautiful animal was taken in northern Alaska and Gene has quite a story about his adventure. It’s a longer story, so perhaps best asked at the lakeside bonfire pit where we often sit late in the day to share stories with our guests.

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Anything Else?

Just ask. We’re happy to help and always willing to point our guests in the right direction.

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