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BWCA Day Trips

Day Trips in the BWCA, Paddeling, Fishing, Fun, Ely Minnesota

Day trips into the BWCA are very possible, but require a permit and possibly some rental equipment. Here are some things to know before you arrive at Packsack Canoe Trips. Of course, we can help. Just let us know your plans as early as possible.

Securing Your Own BWCA Entry Permit

For Day Use permits, it is not required that you get them in advance. We at PackSack can issue you a Day Use permit on-site, at the time you wish to depart. To secure your own permit, visit this page at by clicking here.

Any Licenses Needed?

Here are some other licenses you may need to consider before your trip:


While the region is managed by the U.S. Forest Service, the natural resources within are managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. If you choose to fish or hunt, licenses are required and you will need to abide by all laws of the state of Minnesota.

BWCA Waterfalls, Packsack, Ely Minnesota
BWCA Sunrise, Canoes, Packsack, Ely Minnesota

Fishing Northern Fall Lake or Basswood Lake

You will absolutely need permits for fishing this area, but it’s worth a little extra effort. Many of our cabin guests will leave their boats at Fall Lake, taking the portage by foot over to Newton Falls, and simply fish from the shore. Or, even doing some wade fishing. Several times a year, this can be a very hot spot! For those looking to put in that extra effort, our boats can be portaged up into Basswood Lake, where they can enjoy a day full of world-class fishing, and still return to a cabin for some relaxation (permit required).

Other Entry Points?

Be sure to ask and to ask early. We’ll do our best to make it simple for you to coordinate.

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