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Packsack, BWCA outfitters to The Boy Scouts of America.

Complete BWCA Outfitting – Gear, Food & Expertise

Not every adventurer wishing to experience the BWCA has all the gear, equipment, meal plan knowledge and depth of experience to plan and deploy their Boundary Waters trip. Additionally, at the other end of the spectrum, some folks have plenty of experience but prefer to truly leave the headache behind and let Packsack, BWCA outfitters, do most of the prep work and equipment organization. No problem – we’re here to accommodate!



Packsack Canoe Trips BWCA outfitters, to all western entry points.

If the complete outfitting package appears of greatest interest to you, you’ll need to prepare the following before our first in-depth dialogue about your trip with Packsack, BWCA outfitters:

  • How many will be in your group (BWCA requirements allow groups no larger than nine per permit, groups larger will need multiple permits).

  • What is your preferred entry date and exit date?

  • Do you wish to overnight in our bunkhouse before your entry date or after your exit date?

  • What kind of trip are you looking to do? Are you looking to have a base camp, where you paddle in and set up camp, then take day trips? (recommended for first time trekkers)? Or, are you looking for a more challenging trip where you break camp every day, then paddle on to new adventures? Is fishing important to you, or maybe BWCA waterfalls is on your bucket list?

  • Is it imperative that you have a satellite phone in your possession?

  • How many in your group are quite inexperienced? ( we provide a complete orientation of gear and routes before departure).

  • Do you want Packsack to prepare three meals a day? Or, just two? Do you want to attempt to rely on any meals of fish (will your team revolt from possibly going to bed hungry)?

  • Will you secure your permit or do you want us to do?  

  •  What is your first-choice entry point?

  •  What are your second, third and fourth choice entry points?

  • Do you expect to require any other gear, equipment from your BWCA outfitters?

  • Have you considered which, if any, members of your group have allergies (food, insect stings, etc.)?

  • Will you need the cook stove, fuel and all food prep utensils?


Certainly, you may not be prepared to have answers to all these questions when you call, but you can be sure that we’ll cover them to help you plan a successful and safe adventure.


Other things to consider as you prepare your group:

  • Are all your members familiar with portaging etiquette?

  • Do all members of your group have the physical strength for lengthy paddles, or paddling into the wind?

  • Is your team prepared to understand and respect the Leave No Trace Rules in order to protect the peace and serenity of this unique place?

  • Do a few members of your team have a basic comprehension of wilderness first aid, wilderness survival skills or even starting a fire using natural materials? Most BWCA outfitters are unable to provide this sort of advanced training.

  • Have you made sure your team is familiar with BWCA laws and rules about what can be taken in and what cannot (i.e. cans, glass, etc.)? Leaving each campsite cleaner than you found it (taking out the garbage of others)?


A fully outfitted trip can take away some of the headache, but it should not be used as an excuse to free campers from personal responsibility or accountability for their actions. As a group leader, it is your responsibility to make sure all members are completely prepared. Be sure to prepare them before you arrive in Ely. Most BWCA outfitters will appreciate the advanced work you've done.


                                                             Our complete outfitting package includes:

Includes choice of Grumman Lightweight Canoe or Kevlar Canoe by Wenonah or Bell Northstar, carrying yoke & paddles, vest type life jacket, Eureka nylon tents with sewn in floors & netting, full length Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad, fresh laundered Slumberjack sleeping bag, nylon packsacks, gas stove, fire grate (for Quetico trips), campfire starters, rain tarp, Mirro cook kit & eating gear, axe, saw, MSR Water Purification, First Aid Kit, complete food provisions, free shower & bunkhouse lodging before & after trip, trip planning & maps (one set of series F maps per party) & free transportation to most starting points. Complimentary Continental Breakfast is included.


We offer ONE DAY Canoe trips with special packs and food. These trips are a great way to get a taste of the Boundary Waters.

2024 Complete Outfitting Rates Per Person With Aluminum Canoes

2024 Complete Outfitting Rates Per Person with Kevlar Canoes

                                                                 Please ask about Non-Profit Group Rates
                                                                 EARLY SEASON – LATE SEASON SPECIAL:
We offer a 5% discount on all COMPLETELY OUTFITTED trips that begin before June 1st or after September 1st. This does not include non-profit groups; nonprofit groups are already receiving discounted rates.  
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