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The Otts are Transitioning Ownership to the Otts

As Gene and Jane Ott have begun to think about easing into retirement, their preferred route was to sell the business to one of their children so they could stay aboard for a while, helping and staying active. Last fall, they were pleased to discover their son, Nick, had great interest, as did his wife, Danielle.

We’re pleased to announce that the formalities of the transition are complete, but Gene and Jane are going nowhere soon. Our loyal guests will continue to see Gene and Jane as active participants in the business for the next few years, teaching Nick and Danielle all they need to know. Gene has “zero interest in slowing down at all” and has loved every moment of guest interaction and the hard, physical work it takes to run this service. Jane, too, will stay very involved; however, after this first season of transition we are expecting her to want to take more short trips to spend time with her grandchildren.

If you have not already met Nick and Danielle, they are excited to introduce themselves and help you build the same quality memories as their parents have done for so many years.

Both Nick and Danielle love the outdoors and the Ely area. Nick is an avid outdoorsman and is a former meat cutter. Danielle is a great story teller and previously worked in office administration. Like Gene and Jane, they are quick to smile, to laugh and to be a remarkable source of encouragement for BWCA trekkers, local explorers and fishing guests.

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