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Nick's Fall Lake Fishing Report For May 22nd

Boundary Waters Fishing report, Canoe rentals

The walleye bite continues here on Fall Lake and beyond! Even with a full moon, Packsack anglers have been able to bring home some hefty stringers of good eating walleye! A recent cold snap has kept the water temps in the mid-50s, most of the fish being caught are on the smaller 14-18-inch size. Hopefully as the water temps rise, the larger females will begin feeding again. Bait of choice has still been jig and a minnow, but a few anglers have been able to pick up dinner by trolling with crankbaits. This time of year, walleye can be found in 12-20-feet of water and shallower during the evening bite.

Smallmouth Bass are still in the prespawn feeding mode, Packsack anglers have been able to wrestle in some absolute pigs this last week, the largest being a 19.5-inch hog by Michael Peck of Illinois (photo). These fish are happy to gobble up a minnow, but will also be responsive to crankbaits and spinners.

The Northern Pike bite is only getting better in the area, Esox Lucius fisherman are finding the larger fish cruising shallow water flats and river entrances. Large sucker minnows are still the bait of choice, but trolling or casting crankbaits or spinners is sure to land a few fish also. Newton Lake fisherman should be aware of the fish steeling pike that feeds on your stringer walleye. This fish hangs out at the Newton Falls and has struck often as of late, so keep an eye on your fish!

The crappie bite is still slow, water temps are still just too cold for them to move into the shallower water. Anglers finding them in numbers have done so in 15-20 feet of water, using crappie jigs, or crappie minnows.

If you’re heading to the Ely area this weekend, bring rain gear, warm clothes, and plenty of bait! We are expected to have some weathers over the next few days, but with weather comes great fishing! Be safe, stay warm, have fun, and wear your life jacket!!

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