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Jim's Jigs and Bobbers

The open water season is here! The lakes are free of ice, the walleye and pike are spawning, and folks across the country are flocking to their local bait and tackle shops to load up on the latest and greatest tackle and fishing gear. If you are fishing the Ely area this year, and looking for a deal on jigs and slip bobbers, don’t you go and break your budget at Bass Pro Shops, stop by Packsack and check out “Jim’s Jig’s and Bobbers”!

Jim Smith is a long-time Packsack fisherman with a big heart! Jim and his wife Kathie are Packsack cabin guests that have been fishing the Ely area lakes for many years now. Like many of our guests, Jim and Kathie have become more like family! Jim is a retired construction worker from St. Louis with a true gift of craftsmen ship. In fact, if you have ever been to Packsack, then you have seen some of Jim’s work. From the benches on the docks and all around the resort, to the new addition to the Packsack house Jim has been helping improve Packsack whenever he sees a need. Jim’s helping hand has never come with a cost, only sound instructions on how to maintain his creation. Jim’s generosity doesn’t stop there.

Jim is a year-round crappie fisherman. When he’s not fishing the Ely area, he can be found fishing the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Over the years, Jim has started making his own jigs and slip bobbers. Just like the quality of Jim’s woodworking, these jigs and bobbers are of the highest quality, designed and tested by himself!

For many years now, Packsack has carried Jim’s jigs and bobbers in our retail store. Jim spends hours of his time molding and painting jigs, and crafting and painting slip bobbers for our guests. Just like the rest of Jim’s work, he doesn’t accept a dime. Jim’s request is that we donate the money to charity. For many years, hundreds of dollars of Jim’s jigs and bobbers money went to benefit The Special Olympics! This year, we will be donating Jim’s Jigs and bobbers money to The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Riley Ott (Gene & Jane’s Granddaughter) has been working with The Children’s Miracle Network and has helped to donate thousands of dollars to help sick kids across the country.

Jim’s Jigs sell for 3 for $1.00 and Jim’s slip bobbers are $1.00 a piece and come with bobber stops and sinkers. As we have done in the past, Packsack will match the money that Jim’s Jigs and bobbers bring in. So please stop by Packsack before you hit the lake, and stock up on a great product for a great price and you’ll be fishing for a great cause!

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