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Fall Lake Fishing Report for August 8th

Boundary waters fishing report, walleye

Ely area fishing has remained strong as we enter the dog days of August. Packsack anglers are still bringing their limits of walleye and bass home for dinner!

The walleye bite has remained steady for those willing to take the time to figure them out. Larger sized fish are remaining elusive as the smaller “eating” size fish are still active. Anglers have had the best luck catching them in depths of 18-22 feet and in areas of high currents. Leeches are still the preferred bait of choice but are becoming harder to find and more expensive. Those needing bait will find night crawlers cheaper and just as effective.

Smallmouth bass are still the most active and easiest fish to catch in the water. It doesn’t seem to matter the approach, the bait or the depth. Folks are sinking their hooks into some decent sized bass. Leeches, night crawlers, crankbaits, spinners and flies have all been very effective in bringing in some bronze back giants. Fishing top water in the evening and mornings and deeper structure during the day, has been a good strategy for bass anglers on many lakes throughout the Ely area.

Pan fishing has remained steady, fisherman and women looking for the submerged weed beds have had luck fishing right on the weed line. Not only have they been catching numbers but also some very respectable sized fish have been harvested. While fishing for panfish, many anglers end up stumbling into the small and largemouth bass as well. A hook, sinker, bobber and a piece of night crawler or leech is all it takes to trigger a bite from these delicious fish, yet some folks are having luck catching them on tiny plastic tube jigs as well.

There are plenty of fish being caught on our paddle only lakes. Lakes like Lac La Croix, Agnes, and Iron have been producing some nice sized walleye, and Crooked Lake has produced some huge pike over the last few weeks. All areas and lakes of the BWCA seem to be holing their own with plenty of bass and pike to catch.

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