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Fall Lake Fishing Report for May 2nd

Ice Ice Baby!! For this year’s first installment of Nick’s fishing report we find ourselves still staring at a sheet of Ice. HOWEVER, we at Packsack are confident that anglers will be able to find a spot to wet their line during the 2018 Minnesota Fishing Opener. That being said, we can also expect the water to be cold!

Some things to consider when fishing right after the 2018 ice out:

  • The bite will be hot! Our golden scaled walleye tend to spawn when water temps hit that 44-48 degree mark. If you can get yourself out there as soon as the Ice goes, you should be able to find some nice fish.

  • Dress warm!! Even if the temps are in the 70’s and it’s a nice sunny day, sitting on a 40-50-degree lake will be chilly! Have some warm foot wear, headgear, a jacket, and something to dry your hands after reaching into the water to grab you minnows.

  • Be aware that the Northern Pike regulations have changed. In the northeast zone (East of hwy 53), anglers will be able to keep two pike. All from 30 to 40 inches will require release and only one over 40 inches is allowed in possession. While fishing on Basswood, all from 24-36" must be immediately released. One over 36" is allowed in possession.

  • Minnows will be the bait of choice! Stop by Babes Bait and Tackle as you pull into Ely and grab your “Walleye Mix” or some Rainbows!

We will continue to monitor and update you on the Ice Out conditions. In the meantime, you can watch the ice melt and the Packsack team hard at work on our lakeside live streaming webcam:

I will be updating this report weekly during our 2018 season. Remember, I do not get to fish, all the information I use for my reports is donated from generous anglers like your selves. To protect their “hot-spots” I try not to give to specific locations that are not already known. That being said, if you see me out on the portages, or if you have a successful day of fishing, please take the time to share some of your fishing stories with me and we can ensure everyone has a great time on our Ely area lakes!

Good Luck Everyone and Don’t Horse em!

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