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Fall Lake Fishing Report for August 9th

Don Herzog, Small Mouth Bass, Ely Minnesota fishing, BWCA fishing

Fishing on Fall Lake and the surrounding area has shown no signs of slowing up.

Packsack anglers, have had plenty of success on Fall Lake catching nice “eating sized” walleye about 14-18 inches in size, while the biggest report of the week was a 28” walleye caught on Pipestone Bay. Walleye are still biting on leaches, but most of the success has come from the use of night crawlers.

Slab crappie are still biting well on Fall Lake, fisherman using crappie minnows have done the best, although plenty of success has come from using small plastic tube jigs. If you don’t want to carry minnows, a piece of crawler on a small hook might do the trick for crappie but, you might also find yourself in a mess of bluegills as well!

Large pike seem to be biting best on walleye, attached to stringers, along the side of the boat. Numerous customers have reported losing fish to large pike swimming up to the boat, grabbing their choice of walleye and attempting to swim off. Now it is illegal to use walleye as bait, so please don’t use them, but do keep an eye open for these fish thieves or you might lose your dinner.

Smallmouth bass are definitely the sport fish to be going after right now. Packsack anglers have been having a hay day catching them on top water lures, or from the depths using leaches and crawlers. Plenty of fish in the 16-22-inch range have been caught and released back into Fall Lake, and Pipestone Bay.

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