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Orientation for BWCA Outfitted Groups

For those guests that are either considering complete vs. partial outfitting, or have an outfitted trip scheduled with Packsack, we have built an orientation video for you to watch. This video is about 15 minutes long, and is the same orientation when your group arrives onsite – no matter if you have already watched the video. The content of this orientation has been carefully put together over 20 years to help your group be comfortable with the equipment we provide and how each item functions. For some members of your group, this will be reassuring and for others, it will be highly educational, depending on their overall experience.

As was mentioned, outfitted guests will experience this orientation again, when they arrive onsite. During the orientation, we welcome questions and good dialogue. These orientations are very useful for groups of all ages and experience levels.

Watch our BWCA Outfitted Trip Orientation Video

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