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Fall Lake fishing report for June 29th

BWCA Fishing, Ely Minnesota fishing, walleye, Pipestone Bay

Despite the rainy weather, fishing in the Ely area has been spot on! Fisherman and fisher-women who have pulled on the rain suit, are finding plenty of fish to fill the frying pan. Still not seeing trophy size walleye, but several anglers are finding good numbers of them in the mid 20-inch size. Packsack anglers using night crawlers in the shallower waters have had the best success.

Northern Pike are aggressively hitting spoons and crank-baits, and hitting them hard. Many of our paddlers are catching pike in the 30-36-inch range and having a great time doing it! Remember when targeting pike in a canoe, BE PREPARED! Northern pike tend to have a second energy when you pull them into the boat, and will be thrashing around. Have your pliers or hook removers ready, and it’s a good idea to use gloves as pike tend to be slimy and hard to hang on to.

Smallmouth Bass are done spawning now and transitioning on to their summer holes. Best success has come using live bait (leaches & crawlers) on a plain hook and sinker. If you’re more into using artificial, tube jigs, and certain top water crank baits, they have been working well also.

Crappies, and bluegills if you can find them have been aggressively going after crawlers. Packsack guests have been finding them by accident suspended down about 6-8 ft. They have not yet set up in their summer weed beds.

Keep in mind on this 4th of July weekend that the most successful fishing trip you can have, is not one where you catch your limit of trophy fish. It is one where you are safely enjoying your time, in the beauty of nature, with friends and family you love, sharing laughs, good food, and many memories. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Packsack Canoe Trips & Log Cabins!

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