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Fall Lake Fishing Report for June 7th

BWCA Fishing, Ely Minnesota fishing, Packsack Canoe Trips, Largemouth Bass

With the Ely area temperatures in the upper 70’s lately, Fall Lake has seen some beautiful “blue bird” days. Walleye fishing has started to slow up, although several Packsack anglers are trying different approaches and still getting it done. Leaches and crawlers seem to be the meal of choice for the golden gilled beauties, but anglers using crankbaits and tubes are finding success as well.

The warm weather has driven the water temps into the low to mid 60’s. Sightings of smallmouth bass, and Crappies have been reported in the shallows on their beds. If you’re coming up to the Ely area in the next few weeks, pack some top water bait. Smallmouth will still be active after they are done spawning so, if you happen to catch one while it’s still spawning, it’s best to practice catch and release to ensure the females lay all of their eggs.

Northern Pike are still cruising the shallows and around river entrances looking for easy meals. While there are many plug’s, spinners and spoons you could throw, folks are still having the best success from frozen sucker minnows.

If you’re looking to fish the Ely area and don’t have a permit. I would recommend fishing some of the smaller area lakes that are just outside the BWCA. This week’s photo is of Collin Wiltgen and his largemouth bass which was caught and released on Grassy Lake. Grassy is located just down the road from the Mudro entry point.

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