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Fall Lake Fishing Report for July 11th

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Boundary Waters Fishing report, Northern Pike

The Ely area has been getting pounded with storms the last few weeks. Those storms have left us with higher than normal water levels and some great fishing!

If you’re a bass fisherman, the time is now for an amazing smallmouth experience! Anglers have had no problem finding them and catching them. Small and largemouth bass have been hitting top water lures such as poppers, floating Rapalas, and spinners. Some bigger fish are also hitting aggressively in deeper water on leaches. One fisherman I spoke with claims “It doesn’t seem to matter what depth to fish, find some current and get your bait in the water”!

Walleye have still been able to find there way into frying pans on Fall Lake and all across the BWCA. It seems the bigger fish have been harder to find as of late, but plenty of smaller 14-18 -inch fish are going after leaches and crawlers.

Northern Pike, large and small are still being caught on the area lakes. A paddler measured a 51-inch pike up against their canoe before releasing it back into Agnes Lake. They said “It was so big that we didn’t want it in the boat!” Back Bay of Basswood Lake has been the place to be for big pike, fisherman have been slaying the 30-40-inch fish amongst the lily pads. Luckily, all fish are being returned to the lake to ensure future monsters.

While crappies have been the elusive creature of the year, the bluegill action makes up for it! Fisherman coming out of Back Bay are bring back their limits of palm sized panfish. All it takes is a piece of nightcrawler tipped on a hook/sinker/bobber combination for an action-packed day!

Reports coming from the more remote paddling lakes are that the bass action is strong everywhere! Many seem to be struggling with the walleye on smaller lakes, while larger lakes like Crooked, Iron, and Lac La Croix are still providing Packsack Paddlers with a shore lunch dinner.

Have a great week and be safe!

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