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Fall Lake Fishing Report for July 12th

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Warmer temps and high water seem to be just what the fish have been waiting for. Packsack customers have been having great success this past week. Not only on Fall Lake but on Pipestone Bay and Jackfish Bay as well.

The average size, and number of walleyes being caught are both up this past week. Packsack anglers have been getting it done drifting or trolling around islands, with a crawler harness or a Lindy rig with a leach. With the water temps being in the high 60’s most fish have been caught in 15-20 feet of water.

The small mouth bass bite has improved also. Several of our paddlers have reported catching bass in the 20-22-inch range, and many in the 15 -19-inch range. Bass have been aggressively going after leaches and tube jigs thrown around submerged boulders and weed beds. Even though some bass are biting at depths, keep throwing top water, bass are still aggressively tackling spinners and poppers.

The northern pike bite has not slowed down one bit, although not as many reports of large fish are coming in. The stories coming back of big pike, seem to be of large fish biting on to walleye hanging from a stringer on the side of the boat. Always an adventure fishing these waters!

The biggest news of the week…Pan fish are biting in the weed beds and in the Lilly pads. Numerous reports of good sized (10-12 inch) bluegills and sunfish are being caught all through-out the BWCA. Some worms or night crawlers are all you need for a day filled of action.

Keep in mind, if you’re wondering what bait to be using on your upcoming fishing trip, stop in to Babes Bait and Tackle. The freshest bait and most knowledgeable staff in Ely!

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