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Fall Lake Fishing Report: Week 3

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We are just a few days away from hearing motors depart from our docks for the Minnesota Fishing Opener! The water levels on Fall Lake are up as the water is roaring over the Kiwishiwi Falls. The walleyes are off the spawn and hungry. If you’re fishing on Fall Lake, the Power Dam will be the obvious hot spot. Find about 13- 20 feet of water and tip your favorite colored jig with a minnow. I would suggest a slow approach and be cautious of tail biters as the water temp is in the mid 40s.

I know we are all itching to start pulling in some BWCA gold (walleye) but we should first go over a few tips & reminders before you hit the water.

First: Dress warm and have extra clothes! Even though this past week Ely has seen temps rise into the 60s, the water temp is in the mid 40s and one mistake in these waters could prove deadly. So, have plenty of clothes, wear your life Jacket and bring some waterproof matches, just in case the unthinkable happens and you have to deal with hypothermia. A good pair of gloves or dry towel to care for your hands as you take fish off the hook and put minnows on is also advised.

Second: Be respectful of other boaters! The lakes up here in God’s country will no doubt be busier than normal this weekend. As you travel don’t get too close to anchored fisherman, as you pass through other anglers’ water, the wake from your boat can foil his or her fishing, driving potential walleye catches away from both of you.

Third: GIVE fishermen space! As many of you know, the Power Dam here on Fall Lake is a fishing opener no-brainer-spot for catching walleye. Crowded fishing can create problems, as you know. That’s ok, still plenty of fish to catch just be sure to give your fellow fisherman plenty of space to cast for and catch fish. In my opinion, the minimum distance that you should give another angler is 50 yards. That way you both have room to cast and you don’t have to worry about crossing lines if you catch a fish. Another thing to consider, if your fishing amongst a crowd of boats, that might not be the best time for trolling or drift fishing.

Fall Lake and Basswood are both large lakes with great fishing potential for everyone. Please be considerate of your safety and the safety of others on the lakes and the portages. Remember with the increase of anglers this weekend, you will also see an increase in law enforcement. Have your fishing license and permit readily available, and don’t forget that life jacket!!

If you do catch a whopper, be sure and get lots of photos or stop by Packsack, and we will take your picture for you and get you entered into the “Ely Echo’s Angler” fishing contest. Be safe and Best of Luck!!

Nick Ott

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