Portage 5 Pines for websiteCanoe Portaging

Portaging is transporting your canoe or boat and equipment from lake to lake. The padded canoe yoke rests on your shoulders and equipment packs are carried on your back. Boats and sometime canoes are placed on wheels and pushed over the portages. When the portage wheels are used the boat or canoe becomes the means for moving the Equipment packs.

Portages can be just a few rods (a ‘rod’ is approx. 1 canoe length) or many rods.

Portages are a “given” in the BWCAW and we recommend that you enjoy the portages as part of the wilderness experience. Portaging gives you a chance to stretch and see some beautiful scenery (such as the falls that you may be portaging around) and wildlife.

Planning ahead for the portages is important: the less packs that you have, the less you have to transport. If your packs are lightweight, the portaging will be easier. Our packs are made to fit your back and shoulders comfortably and with our 21complete outfitting, we’ll be sure to pack with your comfort in mind!
PACKSACK Canoe Trips & Log Cabins is located on Fall Lake which accesses some wheel portages in the BWCA.

Portaging builds character, which is very important in having a great
wilderness canoe trip experience.