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Includes choice of Grumman Lightweight Canoe or (for an additional $8.00/day/person) Kevlar Canoe by Wenonah or Bell Northstar, carrying yoke & paddles, vest type life jacket, Eureka nylon tents with sewn in floors & netting, full length Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad, fresh laundered Slumberjack sleeping bag, nylon packsacks, gas stove, fire grate (for Quetico trips), campfire starters, rain tarp, Mirro cook kit & eating gear, axe, saw, MSR Water Purification, First Aid Kit, complete food provisions, free shower & bunkhouse lodging before & after trip, trip planning & maps (one set of series F maps per party) & free transportation to most starting points.

We offer ONE DAY Canoe trips with special packs and food. These trips are a great way to get a taste of the Boundary Waters.

2017 Rates Per Person

No.Days 2-4 people 5-7 people 8 or more people
3 days or less $255.00 or $85.00/day $249.00 or $83.00/day $222.00 or $74.00/day
4 Days $328.00 or $82.00/day $316.00 or $79.00/day $292.00 or $73.00/day
5 Days $400.00 or $80.00/day $380.00 or $76.00/day $360.00 or $72.00/day
6 Days $474.00 or $79.00/day $450.00 or $75.00/day $426.00 or $71.00/day
7 Days $532.00 or $76.00/day $511.00 or $73.00/day $490.00 or $70.00/day
8 Days or more $74.00/day $71.00/day $68.00/day
Days 2-4 people 5-7 people 8+ people
3 or less $255 or $85/day $249 or $83/day $222 or $74/day
4 $328 or $82/day $316 or $79/day $292 or $73/day
5 $400 or $80/day $380 or $76/day $360 or $72/day
6 $474 or $79/day $450 or $75/day $426 or $71/day
7 $532 or $76/day $511 or $73/day $490 or $70/day
8+ $74/day $71/day $68/day

*Fishing licenses and Permit Fees Not Included


We offer a 5% discount on all completely outfitted trips that begin before June 15th or after August 15th. This does not include non-profit groups; nonprofit groups already receive discounted rates.

  • One Person add 20% more than for the 2-4 person rate
  • Age 16 and under with an adult deduct 20%
  • Children 6 & under go FREE
  • Repeat Customers — Deduct 5%
  • Families (with Complete Outfitting), children 6 & under free. Groups of 8 or more; pay for 7, the 8th goes FREE
  • Check our Nonprofit Group Rates
  • Boat tow available to No Motor Zone (top of Jackfish Bay). Ask us about this service.
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